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New York Fashion Week. AW 08 09.- Malan Breton.
Posted on 12th February 2008 by Patricia Yagüe , Alex Wright

Malan Breton' s AW 08-09 fashion show was due to start at 9am. I woke up at 8.50am... you might be thinking I didn't make it, and so I thought too... but I did make it and I was even fortunate enough to have a front row seat!.

I don't know why but fashion week's shows are ALWAYS late; remember the controversy with the show of Marc Jacobs last season?... 2 hours late!.

Going back to the point of this post, Malan Breton, I don't understand all the hip with this designer because the clothing he designs is just that, clothing. The guy doesn't experiment, doesn't offer anything new... blouses, skirts and dresses inspired in the 60's, can we be more original?. The show was nice, that's all.

I appreciate the fact that he's a self-taught designer but for the same reason maybe he could be a little more experimental? He's also big in the media, the show was paked with press and the gifts offered for the front rowers were quite impressive: an umbrella, the latest Michael Bublé record, key chains etc It would be nice if he would use all that power to offer something really new and shake us all.

Images by Alex Wright