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New York Fashion Week. AW 08 09. Jason Brunsdon
Posted on 20th February 2008 by Patricia Yagüe

Aussie fashion designer Jason Brunsdon showed his collections for the first time in New York fashion week during the collections of fall 2007. That is exactly one year ago.

The coming of this designer to town was a total excitment and there were rumors that even Naomi Watts was coming to the show. If she did, I didn't see it.

The truth is that I got really dissapointed, all the fuss for nothing but I thought, well, he might have something when even The Daily Front Row featured a whole speacil page on him.

This season I had the chance to discover what he has to offer, again. I was invited to see the show... but then I got sick and never had the chance.

Alex Wright attended the show and backstage and sent me the pictures and all I can say is, I still don't understand all the fuss... nice clothing, cute things, and that's all about it.

Probably the problem is me who expects more of NYFW than I will ever see (I'm a dreamer!).

After all NY fashion market is all about money more than anything else, and all we will be able to see, and expect, during New York Fashion Week are just things that can be sold in our malls...