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The Red Carpet
Posted on 25th February 2008 by

The hot colour for the Oscars this year was undoubtedly red. Somehow the stars decide they would like to blend in with the carpet, so off they went. While both Miley and Katherine went for bright hues Anne Hathaway went for a deeper red, which stood out more from the crowd and looked a lot more Hollywood.

Black of course made an appearance which was slightly disappointing considering how many great colours designers are working in at the moment. It would have been nice for some people to try something a little more daring. Ellen Page could have done a lot better, and the dress just didn’t seem to work for her. Hilary Swank answered my calls and wore Versace, and looked fabulous, although there are much more exciting colours in their collection this year she could have picked from.

There were also three babies in attendance this year. Pregnancy is no longer a time for women to slob about as Cate, Nicole and Jessica Alba showed. Nicole looked chic in her floor length black Balenciaga (she can get away with black as it is a slimming colour and she has something to slim) whereas Cate and Jessica went for berry shades.

And then there were the most glamorous, the ladies in pale red carpet dresses. While Cameron looked as casual as you possibly can in Dior, Best Actress Marion Cotillard and Renee worked the sparkle with great style. Overall the red carpet was played a little safely this year but still had some amazing gowns. (images justjared)