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New York Fashion Week. AW 08 09.- Patrik Rzespki.
Posted on 8th February 2008 by Alex Wright , Patricia Yagüe

The first (and best show) I attended this season was Patrik Rzepski' s in Chelsea.

I'm a big fan of Patrik; in a city like NY where the average designer is as safer as it takes, Patrik push the boundaries and his creations are interesting and "good looking".

The location chosen was some art space/art gallery, very big, very white, in Chelsea New York. The crowd was noisy and very "modern"; almost everyone was wearing black.

I run into some friends what surprised me because a) i din't know they were invited, and b) it's always nice not to be alone in a show, having someone with who commenting the going ons of the evening.

Being this my first show of the season (I worked the days before in a photo shooot and so was impossible for me to attend any other catwalk) I was eyes wide open.

The show started 45 minutes late but the waiting was worth it.

Black color abounded, as it's common in Patrik's work, and was mixed with plaid lumber jack in some beautiful pieces.

If there is something I went nuts for were his very loosy tights: they look trashy and elegant all at the same time, difficult task and ravishing result!.

" Back to nature boys, vasser girls too

Watch what you say, or think, or do

Continental style strasse girls might

But youi know exactly if it's wrong or right "

- Roxy Music

(from the show program)

photos by Alex Wrigh

Patrik Rzepski