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New York Fashion Week AW 08 09.- Camilla Staerk.
Posted on 16th February 2008 by Patricia Yagüe

The AW 08-09 fashion show of Danish designer Camilla Staerk was the perfect instance of how a "i-don't-know-what-to-do" invitation can turn into a really gratifying experience. The presentation took place at one of my favourite...

New York Fashion Week. AW 08 09.- Malan Breton.
Posted on 12th February 2008 by Patricia Yagüe , Alex Wright

Malan Breton' s AW 08-09 fashion show was due to start at 9am. I woke up at 8.50am... you might be thinking I didn't make it, and so I thought too... but I did make it and I was even fortunate enough to have a front row seat!. I don't kn...

New York Fashion Week. AW 08 09.- Patrik Rzespki.
Posted on 8th February 2008 by Alex Wright , Patricia Yagüe

The first (and best show) I attended this season was Patrik Rzepski' s in Chelsea. I'm a big fan of Patrik; in a city like NY where the average designer is as safer as it takes, Patrik push the boundaries and his creations are inte...