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New York Fashion Week.- If being stylish is wrong, I don’t want to be right.
Posted on 4th February 2008 by Alex Wright

Go ahead, call me a rapscallion; appropriately named after Samantha Pleet’s fiercely stylish Autumn/Winter collection. The quirky, Brooklyn designer, debuted her latest line to a packed Soho gallery decked out in model mugshots and a lin...

Thuy F/W 2008.
Posted on 3rd February 2008 by

Thuy is smart. No joke. Thuy Diep is a graduate of Brown University and a former Pricewaterhouse consultant. Lucky for us, she decided to pursue her love for fashion and go back to school at Parsons. She continued on to work under some fa...

Rubin Singer F/W 2008.
Posted on 1st February 2008 by

A woman who lets her heart roam free in a city like Manhattan might need to wear a helmet, or at least rock a fierce power bob. Rubin Singer' s F/W 2008 Collection was inspired by the 1927 silent German film, " Metropolis ;" the tale of...