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Siggeir Hafsteinsson rocks Goldie's new Sine Tempus.
Posted on 3rd February 2008 by Alex Wright

Siggeir Hafsteinsson, keeping it hot up in Reykjavik, Iceland, sent through his latest project, the album art for the upcoming Goldie album called Sine Tempus. Here's a look at the new work and a small chat with Siggeir about the work:

Q: Your work really reminds me of the architecture of Santiago Calatrava. It's rare that you see a graphic designer so fully embrace forms of biology, just as with Calatrava's architecture. What are your feelings about the influence of biology on your work?

A: First of all, thank you for that compliment. I haven't really thought of it that way, for me it's more like wings. But the Sine Tempus project is kind of organic.

Q: This work is highly symmetrical, which embraces the physical sides of biological structuring more than the conceptual, emotional, or spiritual. Can you describe the role of symmetry on this work. How is it important to the final product?

A: I've been working on this project long before Goldie wanted it for his album. So it's just been evolving and has gone thru many stages of experiment. But the symmetry is what holds it together.

Q: What is the new Goldie album like? It seems like there are a lot of rumors around about it's name, who is guest appearing, etc.

A: I've been listening to drum & bass since the early days and always been a huge fan of Goldie's music as well as in his art so it's a real honor for me to be able to do his cover and other work we're doing together. I cant really talk about the music and who he's working with. But if people remember "Timeless" which was masterpiece then all I can say is that this one is too.

Q: Describe how you became involved with making the album art for his new album?

A: My best friend Agzilla has been friend with Goldie for years and he was doing a drum & bass gig in Iceland which Goldie was playing at. So I did this poster for it and Goldie liked it and asked me to do the art for his new album..

Q: How did you come to make the work that you did based on the specifics of this album? What made you make what you made?

A: Like I said I've been working on this project for a long time so when Goldie came along It made me more ambitious about taking my original art to the next level design vise.  I made art for the cover and also 13 individual art pieces, 1 for each track for online selling.

Q: And, what's Iceland like these days? What are other projects you've got on those geothermic back burners?

A: In the last hundred years it has 3 times been as cold as its is now. There is a new Metalheadz web opening soon and we're doing a lot of crazy merchandize for the label. And I'm planning a exhibition on the Sine Tempor art. Each piece is printed on aluminum 1x1m and then varnished with high gloss. so I've got some exciting things going on..

Q: Do you want to say a bit about your creative process, how you produce your work?

A: It all depends on what kind of project Im working on. If Im doing corporate work I usually have an idea in my head before I start sketching in the computer but for the art kinda work there is no special process, I usually just sit in front of illustrator and experiment until I come up with something Im satisfied with.

See the whole Sine Tempus book here , and see all of Siggeir's work here .


From: Constantinos Papaconstantinou , February 4th, 2008 : 01:09a.m. UTC
Awesome! This is some great piece of design! Congratulations! And nice interview too! Keep it up Alex!!
From: plasmosis , February 5th, 2008 : 06:18p.m. UTC
So Unique...