Jonathan Kane


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His Genre: Photography

His Location: Naples, FL, US


one more misguided attempt what will save you will most certainly save me apostrophic hubcap diamond star halo ether island when it gets down to it, nothing really needs to be said journey of endless confusion souvenir of my beautiful death room temperature so hard to refuse bravely into the future scars last forever comafructose the ever increasing space between us variations on a dream angel of sin caníbal dulce slow dissipation essential characteristics of the universal hero wear my heart like a crown don't worry, baby vessel #2 however distant lost receipt byzantine affair you know I love you too much kiss her for me incidentally yours paramutual asset protection when the well runs dry love les concho magica sacrificial lambchop eventually things will always end up this way was here telepathica impressions of you within an irregularly shaped oval sphere bang du soleil akron oh no, not again transmission error #2 consequences small possibility pulse pounding pop phenomenon we drift further And Never Getting What We Really Want reawaken starkist incongruous