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About David Stanton:

David Stanton is a Glasgow based photographer, working freelance allows him to work in the beauty/fashion editorial and press areas of the business as well as producing landscapes for fine art buyers.
He has been published in many magazines and newspapers both locally and nationally with many covers to his name. (please see tear sheets)
David has also been published regularly in many corporate brochures and leaflets. His work is also published widely on the web both commercially and in art based sites.
He has also taught photography at HND level and is at present teaching advanced photoshop techniques at the city of Glasgow college in Glasgow.
David now offers photographic workshops as part of his services, which include studio skills workshop, wireless flash, landscape and photoshop workshops.
Lastly david is also a professional re toucher who has worked for other photographers on major advertising campaigns and fashion and beauty assignments.

"I like to think that although i was professionally trained as a photographer obtaining HND and advanced diplomas that i still have the enthusiasm and love of photography i had as an amateur, In fact i still live and breathe photography." David Stanton
Please feel free to check out his work on this site and the sister site