As Seen in Dripbook - January 2011

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We're all about promoting professional visual creatives. Dripbook is the sweet spot where great photography, motion, illustration, styling and other creative professionals intersect with commerce. Check out these featured portfolios and be sure to stop by Dripbook to find even more inspiring work.

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As Seen in Illustration:
Goncalo Viana   -  Lisbon, Portugal
Even after several years working in London as an architect, Gonçalo Viana couldn´t take illustration out of his mind. He decided it was time to take the plunge and had a go. Eight years past, architecture still finds a way to seep into his illustrations, instilling them with a geometric feel reminiscent of modernist design. His clients include The New York Times, HOW Magazine, GQ, and other leading publications both in Europe and around the world.
As Seen in Photography:
Karsten Koch   -  Hamburg, Germany
Karsten Koch is a lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Hannover and Hamburg Germany. With a focus on capturing authentic and lively moments, Karsten has made a name primarily among European editorial outlets and ad agencies. He is currently represented by the Von Löwenstern agency and his clients include GE Money Bank, Daimler Fleet, Bayer Vital, and Sennheiser.
As Seen in Fashion Styling:
Dana Hanegraaf   -  Chicago, Illinois
Dana Hanegraaf is a Chicago based fashion stylist with a strong visual sensibility and a keen eye for aesthetics. As a modernist at heart, Dana strives to constantly excite and tap into the creative consciousness of the moment. Her unique artistic ability coupled with her contemporary aesthetic has enabled her career to quickly move forward as a successful stylist. Dana's clients include Burrell Color Imaging, Cosmetologists Chicago, FACTOR Women, Fig Media Inc, FORD Models, IMAGE Chicago Magazine, and Me: In Focus Magazine.
As Seen in Hair Styling:
Eric R Williams   -  New York, New York
Eric is a New York based hairstylist. He began his career In Maryland as a hair replacement specialist helping clients with hair loss. After realizing his creativity for hair enhancements, he went on to work in top salons as a hair extensionist. After relocating to New York, he assisted hairstylists for V magazine. His work has been featured in Fiasco, Blink, Guapo, and U.C.E magazines.

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