As Seen in Dripbook - May 2011

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We're all about promoting professional visual creatives. Dripbook is the sweet spot where great photography, motion, illustration, styling and other creative professionals intersect with commerce. Check out these featured portfolios and be sure to stop by Dripbook to find even more inspiring work.

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As Seen in Photography:
As Seen in Photography : : David Sykes
David Sykes   -  London, United Kingdom
David moved to London in 1997 and has been a busy, award winning advertising photographer ever since. David's talent for photography was nurtured while studying graphic design. His work ranges from the graphically composed object piece to the unique conceptual photograph. Whatever the subject matter, his work is beautifully lit and engaging. David's client list includes Visa, Persil, Lurpak, Heinz, Hellmann’s, American Express, Honda, and Monocle Magazine.
As Seen in Illustration:
As Seen in Illustration : : Darcy Muenchrath
Darcy Muenchrath   -  Toronto, Canada
Working with pen on paper, Darcy finds inspiration in weathered faces, irreverent hair, and gnarly hands. He also sees beauty in decaying walls, and the gritty streets he has lived on and visited around the globe. Some of Darcy's clients include Harvard Business Review, San Francisco Chronicle, Utne Reader, Car and Driver, Automobile Magazine, Time Out Chicago, Oxford University Press, and Saatchi and Saatchi Design.
As Seen in Makeup:
As Seen in Makeup : : Theresa Amundsen
Theresa Amundsen   -  Los Angeles, California
Theresa is an emerging talent who has been fascinated with the world of fashion and makeup from a very young age. Originally from Boston, she now makes Los Angeles her home. She has an eye for editorial beauty and is known for creating flawless glowing skin. In just a few short years her client list has grown to include Chevy, Billboard Magazine, Dollhouse, Old Navy, Cavi, and MGD 64.
As Seen in Hair Styling:
Sara Saltanovitz   -  Chicago, Illinois
Sara began her fascination and appreciation of hair and illustration at a very early age. As Sara perfected her hair artistry as a licensed cosmetologist, she explored opportunities to express and expand her creative inspirations from the natural beauty she saw in people’s faces. Some of her clients include Playboy, Shop Bop, Lands End, and Bon Ton. Her work can also be seen in Vanity Fair, Glamour, CBS Watch, Oprah, People, ESPN, and Prevention.

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