As Seen in Dripbook - November 2011

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As Seen in Illustration:
Illustration portfolio of Jorge Mascarenhas
Jorge Mascarenhas   -  Alameda, California
Jorge Mascarenhas majored in illustration at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Since the age of seven he was selling his famed elementary school comic called "Ferinhas (Little Beasts)." His work has been honored by major publications such as Communication Arts, Society of Illustrators NY, and 3x3 Magazine. His clients include Runner's World, Random House Mondadori, Dell Magazines, Lurzer's Archive, Stanford University, and The New Yorker.
As Seen in Photography:
Photography portfolio of Nicole Reed
Nicole Reed   -  Melbourne, Australia
Nicole Reed is based in Melbourne, Australia but spends a lot of time on the road. Coming from a publishing design background before moving into photography has given her a love and a sharp eye for editorial photography and a passion for traveling, reportage, and editorial portraiture. Her clients include T-world, Tattoos Downunder Magazine, Crumpler, and Melbourne Victory FC.
As Seen in Motion:
Motion portfolio of Nuno Xico
Nuno Xico   -  New York, New York
Nuno Xico is a motion editor recently relocated to New York after a successful career in Portugal. His passion for editing and moving images has resulted in collaborations with clients such as Italian and Russian Vogue, Interview Magazine, Fabrizio Ferri, Donald McPherson and Open Space Paris, Ruedi Hofman, Greg Lotus, and Bruce Weber.
As Seen in Retouching:
Retouching portfolio of Tamzen Appunn
Tamzen Appunn   -  Cape Town, South Africa
Tamzen Appunn started her retouching career when she moved to London in 2002 where she worked with inspiring and creative photographers including Vincent Peters, Nadav Kander, Nick Knight, Mert and Marcus, and Solve Sunsbo. Her love for beauty and fashion retouching can be seen in her unique color grades and realistic skin texture. Based now in her home town of Cape Town, she continues to work for clients worldwide including BMW, VW, Opel, Ford, Thomas Cook, BareFace Productions, Gala, Mirage, and Marie Claire.

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