As Seen in Dripbook - September 2011

From the Folks at Dripbook:

Dripbook promotes portfolios of professional photographers, illustrators, designers, stylists, hair and makeup artists and more. Check out these featured portfolios, and explore even more on the Dripbook website.

-- The Dripbook Crew

As Seen in Art Direction:
Art Direction portfolio of Lucy Quintanilla
Lucy Quintanilla   -  New York, New York
Lucy Quintanilla is a New York City-based art director who believes that variety is the spice of life—and her design work reflects that philosophy. Whether she’s styling food, hand-drawing type or producing fashion shoots, Lucy has done it all for clients including The Asbury Park Press, Lakeland Magazine, Time Out New York, and Popular Mechanics.
As Seen in Photography:
Photography portfolio of John Cizmas
John Cizmas   -  Los Angeles, California
John Cizmas is a photographer who splits his time between Chicago and Los Angeles. Inspired by the open road and new culinary trends, he brings a fresh outlook and genuine excitement for life to every project. Recent clients include, Entrepreneur,, Where, Courrier Japon, and Orange Coast Magazine.
As Seen in Makeup:
Makeup portfolio of Annabelle Petit
Annabelle Petit   -  Paris, France
Annabelle Petit discovered her passion for colors when she began painting at the age of seven. She's now a still-young Paris based makeup artist who works on print, music video, and commercial campaigns for clients such as L'Oréal, Chanel, Boucheron, Dior, Vogue, and GQ.
As Seen in Illustration:
Illustration portfolio of Oivind Hovland
Øivind Hovland   -  Bristol, United Kingdom
Øivind Hovland is an experienced freelance illustrator with a long list of international clients, covering a broad range of media, including The Independent, Sunday Telegraph, Time Out Magazine, Random House, Radio Times, HMRC, Esquire Magazine, 7x7 Magazine, Haymarket Media Group, Rogers Communications, Redactive Media Group, Pearson Media, The BBC, and The Daily Mail.

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