El triple filtro Vogue Italia CrossSection 2013 souls los angeles Velvet Magazine  #15 - ROCK n ROLL New Projects BETHEL HOUSE custom built product Velvet Magazine #8 - PAILLETTES KIDS - Niños  PHOTO-BOOK New Work Mr.Moon's WeddingVideo CURATIONS & WRITTEN ARTICLES Year 3 - The Quail Farm Examples from tenure as an Agent at Artists By Timothy Priano A Zaffarano Production Heather Church Beauty Book vehicles Italian Elle styling Velvet Magazine #7 - DOVE Behind the Scenes Closet AnimaticVideo Still life shoot production Advertising Wrigley historic design work Velvet Magazine #8 - COVER & BEAUTY GARY's LOFT-penthouse Fashion shoot production Fashion Harpers Bazaar Outdoor Industry Hola!  magazine - Cindy Crawford LOFT Video: DKNY Spring In-StoreVideo
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