• ABSTRACT Imaginary Beings • TEXTILE Imaginary Beings • COMMISSIONS Imaginary Beings • NATURE Imaginary Beings • SCULPTURAL Imaginary Beings cosmetics Narrative Book Covers Sarah Howell Jackdaw The Red Dress Vince Pastiche Christopher Peterson Illustration Automotive/Transportation Design and Advertising The Kraken Rum - Survival Video Illustration Advertising & Institutional LOEWE- 40 ANIVERSARIO PERFUMES The Kraken Rum - Strength Video Advertising and Editorial Jeff Grunewald Illustration Barry Downard Chris Labrooy Stephan Walter Alex Williamson Character/ character development Product/Still Life People/Figures Cartoon mascot / Vector Editorial/Graphic Graphic Editorial, Infographic, and Holiday Illustration • CITY Imaginary Beings Pod wrap installation storyboards and concept art
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