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New York Fashion week - Favourite Backstage
Posted on 6th September 2008 by Thérèsa

Hi all, I'm ever so sorry I've been away, hope you've all had a good, sunny summer. Well its Fashion week already, I know, this year has gone so fast. Anyway thanks to the coverage of some supercool sites like Refinery 29 Pipeline, Nylon Mag and Tv, Th...

Dripbook featured in Zink Magazine
Posted on 1st September 2008 by Alex Wright

The fine folks at Zink Magazine have featured Dripbook in their September 2008 issue. Zink is a fashion pioneer and we're flattered that their good taste found Dripbook so appealing. "Complete with a snappy layout, this online resource is a visual trea...

The Visual Culture Awards
Posted on 1st September 2008 by Lucia Demarchi

Dripbook is happy to support and promote a new international contest: The Visual Culture Awards. This year the contest is based in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina in the United States of America. This first annual contest will fixate on the visual...
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Interview with Vigg.
Posted on 21st August 2008 by Lucia Demarchi

What is there behind Vigg's art? This is a short interview that explains how started and how constantly grows Vigg 's passion for illustration. Q: How did your artistic career start? A: It started as something totally improvised without any form of th...

Interview with Kaspian Shore.
Posted on 7th August 2008 by Lucia Demarchi

Having a look to the artists that Dripbook promotes, I saw some amazing works by a German artist: Kaspian Shore. Here there is a short interview with Kaspian, through his words you can undestand the passion behind his art. Q: What does usually inspire ...

Pix digital imaging contest 14.
Posted on 17th July 2008 by Lucia Demarchi

Pix digital imaging contest promotes digital imagery and innovative techniques divided in 7 categories: [1] advertising campaigns [2] portraits / celebs / music [3] travel / lifestyle [4] fashion / beauty [5] personal / work [6] new talent (students /...

World in focus, the ultimate travel photography contest.
Posted on 17th July 2008 by Lucia Demarchi

National Geographic Traveler and Photo District News are seeking the best travel photographs for their annual World In Focus contests. There are prizes for both professionals and amateurs. For professionals: The Grand Prize winner will receive free tui...
From July 17th, 2008 To August 21st, 2008

Enter to win: Billboard and PDN's Summer Music Moment music photography contest.
Posted on 17th July 2008 by Alex Wright

Billboard and Photo District News magazine present: SUMMER MUSIC MOMENT photography contest."We're looking for YOUR Summer Music Moment! Show us the crowds! Show us theartists! We're looking for the moments, the music, the scene through youreyes."Billb...

Finally, a decent explanation of all this.
Posted on 15th July 2008 by Alex Wright

So we have released the new About Dripbook pages. After all this time it's probably a good idea that we explain ourselves. Have a look through it all. You may stumple upon someething helpful, or fun. Or both.
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The Home and Browse pages had a baby, and it looks good.
Posted on 14th July 2008 by Alex Wright

Check out Dripbook's new Home page designs and functions. We've combined the Browse and the Home pages together. They're all one now. So head Home to see the Browse pages. To the right of the screen, look for the three viewing modes of the new browse f...
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