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Cheap, but chic.
Posted on 16th January 2008 by

Pixelated prints, flouncey chiffon, and round-edge modern cuts with ombre ombre ombre? Oh please for the love of God let the rumors be true and bring Jonathan Saunders to Target! WWD couldn't confirm all the facts just yet, but I'm keep...

Models Are A Whole Different Type Of Human.
Posted on 7th January 2008 by

I have always found backstage photos more interesting that shots from actual runway shows. Yes you can see the clothes better in runway snaps but there is no life in them. Backstage most models look like they are having an amazing time in the clothes...

New displays for the new year.
Posted on 28th December 2007 by Alex Wright

Well, we've been working on making good things better. Check around Dripbook - both the "Left Right Slider" and the "Thumbnails" display modes have been modified. Your images are larger, and the displays have been cleaned up. But the biggest chang...

Advertising in Resource Magazine.
Posted on 7th December 2007 by Alex Wright

Well, I suppose we shouldn't rely on blogs and word of mouth alone, although it's gotten us pretty far. We've taken out this ad in the Winter 2007 / 2008 Resource Magazine . Alex and Aurelie are becoming our new friends - you should keep a...

Blogs make for good Dripbook press.
Posted on 30th November 2007 by Alex Wright

Here's some fun reading for the end of November: Bobble Bee's amazing writeup of Dripbook - it's a better description than we ever wrote. And Chic Looks reviews so many good Dripbook artists that she ought to be on the payroll. ...