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Dripbook Fashion Studio - Midweek Street Style.
Posted on 24th April 2008 by Thérèsa

Street style is something I have been willing to concentrate on for the Fashion studio for a while now, therefore I have decided to add a post dedicated to street style and bloggers personal styles every midweek (Wednesday's or Thursday's - I cant seem to decide).

Each midweek, I'll be posting a couple of my favourite looks from a variety of street style sites as well as blogs and each week there will be a different theme.

This week, the theme is " Tailored/ Formal/ Boy meets Girl".

This week's looks have just reminded me of how much I need a new blazer, I'm thinking maybe royal blue, similar to the lady's look from Hoy Fashion and also a bow tie like that of the girl from Facehunter and maybe in dark red like the other gentle man (you have to admit he does look like one)from Hoy fashion . With a little vintage/ thrift shopping I should be able to get my hands on those pieces.

Also the colour of trench coat worn by the lady from Copenhagen Street style along with the combination of the opaque white tights which just looks ever so lovely and effortless. style sighting and sunglasses from The Vagabond looks seems playfull but in a subtle way. And finally one of my favourite of all the choosen looks for this week is the look from FAK street style - lady in the yellow skirt, belt and shoes. I just absolutely love this look, very chic, fun and well put together.

The reccurring theme of neon light blue - the Jazz shoe from

dripbook fashion studio street style

Next week the theme will be "The Floral and Sheer goodness" looks, its seems appropriate as we are getting closer (and for others already)into the Spring/Summer season.

Other Future themes may also include "Going Pale and Faded for Denim" and " Art and Prints"

If you have any suggestions about other themes for the "Midweek Street style" dont hesitate to let me know either by leaving a comment here or on my dripbook page or even by emailing me at - talk2theresa@hotmail.co.uk .

class="a_ext_link">talk2theresa@hotmail.co.uk >

If you've also come across any street style looks you like or that you think will fit into any future themes just send me message.






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