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The Visual Culture Awards
Posted on 1st September 2008 by Lucia Demarchi

Dripbook is happy to support and promote a new international contest: The Visual Culture Awards. This year the contest is based in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina in the United States of America. This first annual contest will fixate on the visual realities of the photograph. Focus will persist in the emotive context of the image and how it brings the photographic reader to find the captured feel; this that hopefully conjures a story, an event, and morso a very culture. This contest serves the international and local communities as a means to involve the integrity of the maker of a visual within our visual culture and to uphold these makers as positive and productive members of our communities.

MIKAYLA MACKANESS is the founder of The Visual Culture Awards. Her priority for these awards is to uphold visual cross-cultural communications and to extend gratitude to visual makers for their roles within their communities and recognize how they affect the weight of this world.

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