"Featured in Dripbook" September 2008 Newsletter.
Posted on 24th September 2008 by Alex Wright

Here's the September issue of our "Featured in Dripbook" newsletter, sent to art directors, art buyers, bloggers, editors and others interested in checking out the work of artists on Dripbook.

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Thank you all for your support, and thanks to Pier Madonia, Kaspian Shore, Baron Barrone, Mark Sacro, Mofa, Emi Kaneko and Lydia O'Carroll for taking part in this edition.

Featured in Dripbook - September 2008

From Dripbook HQ:

Welcome to Dripbook. Dripbook is a new Web site promoting professional visual artists around the world. We're proud to bring you the first installment of our monthly newsletters featuring the fantastic work of our top creative pros. And there's plenty more professional creatives on Dripbook.

To contact these featured artists and any other artists on Dripbook, look for the "Send a Message" link to the bottom right of any visual display page.

-- The Dripbook Crew

Featured in Art Direction :
Pier Madonia - London, United Kingdom
Pier is an advertising creative originally hailing from Stockholm and now a Londoner. Pier's client list includes Lagerfeld Perfumes, Boss Fragrances, Coty, Deutsche Bank, Davidoff, DaimlerChysler, Wall Street Journal Europe and Siemens.
Featured in Illustration :
Kaspian Shore - Munster, Germany
Kaspian Shore is a MÜnster, Germany based painter, illustrator, and writer. Most of his work ̶ ranging between disturbingly deformed bodies and strikingly beautiful elf-like faces ̶ he sells to private, international clients that like to share the intimacy of his intense characters and bright colours.
Featured in Fashion Design :
Baron Baronne - Paris, France
Sibylle Genin and Lambert Perera CortÈs, creators of the French-Spanish brand Baron Baronne, present their first of PrÊt-À-porter for men and women. Baron Baronne is born from a duo of two young dynamic people from different creative horizons who managed to merge their universeand their influences to propose an unique style.
Featured in Photography :
Mark Sacro - Long Beach, California
Mark Sacro is an established celebrity, commercial, and fashion photographer based in Southern California. Driven and self-taught, he landed his hands on his first professional camera in early 2007. A few short months later he became published in major magazines and is now one of the most sought-after photographers in the LA area.
Featured in Graphic Design :
Mofa - Cairo, Egypt
Mofa is a Cairo based graphic designer and illustrator. His work ranges between branding, advertising, mural art, publication design, packaging design, poster design, product design and general art direction.
Featured in Makeup :
Emi Kaneko - Brooklyn, New York
Emi Kaneko is a Tokyo born, LA raised, Brooklyn based makeup artist. Emi's explorations of illustration and painting influence her work, which now focuses on high fashion. Her recent clients include Marie Claire China, Clone, and Vice Magazine.
Featured in Hair Styling :
Lydia O'Carroll - Brooklyn, New York
Hair Stylist Lydia O'Carroll has being working in the industry for the last fifteen years. Her diverse, artistic and original work has appeared in Nylon, V Magazine and A4 - all alongside her advertising and celebrity work.

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