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Posted on 8th September 2008 by Alex Wright

We've made some significant improvements to Dripbook's Facebook application based on a month's worth of testing and user feedback. You can now send updates to all of your friends on Facebook announcing a new book on Dripbook or updated work. Plus, when you add a new "Tab" on Facebook for Dripbook's application, the display is much improved.

Before you begin, be sure to become a fan of Dripbook on Facebook.

Dripbook's Facebook Application allows you to display your public books on Dripbook in your Facebook profile in a few different ways. It's easy and quick.

Dripbook's Facebook Applicaiton can be found here.

Once you install the application, you'll see a screen a lot like this:

If you'd like, you can enter your Dripbook account information so that the Application displays your personal work. Otherwise, the Application will show books from the homepage.

Choose whether you'd like to show your books in a new Dripbook Tab (we really suggest this display mode), and / or whether you'd like to show them in your Info section, and / or whether you'd like to show them on your Wall. You can do all three if you wanna be greedy. Don't worry, we're greedy, too.

Here's how the Dripbook Tab looks:

And one last thing. You can send announcements of new or updated books on Dripbook to one or all of your friends on Facebook:

Pretty fresh. Keep in mind that Dripbook's Facebook Application is brand new. Report any bugs to us and please be understanding as we iron everything out.

And, lastly, the Applicaiton only works for the "new" Facebook layout. So if you're stayin' old school for the time being, you'll have to wait until Facebook forces you into their modern age.


From: Alexandra Collins , July 23rd, 2008 : 09:51p.m. UTC
you are a genius! thank you so much for posting such a detailed 'how to' for those of us who arnt computer geeks ;)
From: Constantinos Papaconstantinou , August 31st, 2008 : 11:47a.m. UTC
Awesome!! Congrats Alex&Co;!!! Keep it up!
From: jacob snavely , September 10th, 2008 : 03:56a.m. UTC
umm... dripbook.... ya. its the shit.
From: Sunay Tamashev , September 10th, 2008 : 05:14p.m. UTC
You guys are amazing. Keep up the good work. you're full of surprises..good ones :) great application.