"Featured in Dripbook" February 2009 Newsletter.
Posted on 25th February 2009 by Alex Wright

Here's the February 2009 issue of our "Featured in Dripbook" newsletter, sent to art directors, art buyers, bloggers, editors and others interested in checking out the work of artists on Dripbook.

There's a signup link to receive the newsletter in the footer of every page on Dripbook.

Thank you all for your support, and thanks to Julie Williams, Anja Nolte, Gomillion and Leupold Studios, and Scale to Fit for taking part in this edition.

Featured in Dripbook - February 2009

From Dripbook Headquarters:

Dripbook promotes professional visual artists worldwide - photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, fashion stylists, and more. Take a look through the portfolios of these featured creatives and find other talented artists on Dripbook.

To contact artists on Dripbook, look for the "Send a Message" link to the bottom right of any visual display page.

-- The Dripbook Crew

Featured in Fashion Styling :
Julie Williams -  Brooklyn, New York
Julie is a native New Yorker and Brooklyn-based fashion stylist. Her love of counterculture, fashion, music and the arts drives her inspiration as she continues to display her work in a variety of outlets including editorial, art collaboration, film and television. She has already worked with many reputable publications, advertisers and celebrities and is excited to see her talented colleagues skyrocket in the years to come.
Featured in Illustration :
Anja Nolte -  Hamburg, Germany
The german illustrator Anja Nolte works with passion for publishers, magazines, advertising agencies, and corporations. The publisher TASCHEN voted Anja in the top "150 ... today's best commercial and editorial illustrators from over 50 countries" and LÜrzer's Archive included her in their compilation "200 best illustrators worldwide 07/08." Recently PRESTEL published the first title of a 5-volume serial, developed and illustrated by Anja.
Featured in Photography :
Gomillion and Leupold Studios -  New York, New York
Photographers Steven Gomillion and Dennis Leupold started at different ends of the fashion industry but fatefully met on an editorial production with Steven as the fashion stylist and Dennis the art director. Now collaborating as a photography duo, Steven and Dennis began working together in New York City in 2006 and they plan to continue making their mark along side the most respected photographers in the fashion industry. Their work has recently appeared in Tush, Dansk, And + Men, Highlights Black and Harper's.
Featured in Graphic Design :
Scale to Fit -   Rotterdam, Netherlands
Scale to Fit is Dennis van der Meule, Hans de Ruiter, and Roos Arendsen. The design collective works with and for a lot of young clients with big ideas such as BNN, RCA, Roadrunner, EMI, Sony, Q-music, Young Works, Jagermeister, Tridee, Brand New Telly, Fuel-communication and Sixt.

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