Dripbook offers three new templates for exported Dripbook Sites.
Posted on 26th May 2009 by Alex Wright

Okay. They are finally designed, developed, tested, and now released. Dripbook offers three new, cutting-edge, beautifully designed Flash Website templates.

Thumbnail Bold:

A bold design brings graphic life to this template. Easy next / back navigation with a horizontal row of thumbnails below large images.

The Filmstrip:

Large images elegantly slide back and forth wtih a filmstrip theme. Navigational elements are minimal and refined.

The Floater:

Large images, very minimal navigation, and a moveable menu allow for a unique viewing experience with this template.

And here's a link to a gallery of 100 examples of Websites exported using all six of Dripbook Sites' Templates.

To use these new templates, head to the Export section and select Dripbook Sites.

A few notes:

1) You'll need to re-export your index.html file to change templates.

2) These new templates display larger images, so be sure you've uploaded images at least 1,500px on the longest side to take full advantage.

3) Viewers with Flash 10 installed (version 10 of the Flash plugin) will be able to access a full screen display of these new templates. This function is disabled for viewers with Flash 9.

If you use one of the new templates, leave a comment below with your web address / URL and we'll check it out...