Fashion Stylist Draws Inspiration from Empowering Women
Posted on 27th January 2017 by Austin Gould

As an artist first and foremost, Ope' Majek views fashion styling as another medium to extend her artistry to the canvas of real life.

Seeing fashion and art as one, she often draws inspiration from making women look powerful. In the images below, Ope' uses the color red to express a powerful and intriguing emotion.

Here is what Ope' had to say about her work:

"I created this in the summer of 2016 with a great team in the NYC area.

I was inspired by the clothes first and then I became with red. It ended up being this very energetic style and the red lent a higher dynamic for me as a backdrop. I had my photographer experiment with gels to add a bit of depth and it made the clothes pop!

I really love to make women look powerful. That's a consistent message even in this story. Marisa looks strong and powerful like she's ready to rule the world even if she's wearing crazy colorful garments somewhere on Mars! At least I would imagine Mars being that red, ha-ha."

Ope's Creative Process:

"I typically start with my moodboard that I usually create on Pinterest. I pin everything there, from lighting ideas, mood, posing, hair, makeup, nails. It's all about a complete look and feel.

From there, I figure out who I would like to have on the team and also what model I will need to convey my thoughts and movement or the concept of the clothes. I approach all team members and discuss the ideas. I also listen for any ideas that they can share.

After a lot of contemplation, I move forward on gathering the pieces for the shoot. Sometimes you get really great pieces and everything comes together like pouring maple syrup on pancakes. Other times we have to make the clothes work with posing or mood, going with the flow. Maybe a model can take a piece and go higher than you thought, that's always great."

"My favorite part is going through all of the images when I am working as the creative/art director. Sometimes it can be tough when you have many great images but it's not the worst that could happen.

Sending work to magazines can be eye-opening. You never know what pictures they might chose from them and you sort of become protective of the images you have created collectively. But it's always empowering to see people enjoy the work that I am blessed to produce."

Ope's advice to up-and-coming fashion stylists:

"I would say it's always best to learn from someone who is already doing what they aspire to do and never give up. Proper planning, preparing and thorough execution is everything in this business."

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From: Atiqur Sumon , July 26th, 2017 : 08:05a.m. UTC
The red color is beautifully enhanced by the girl's picture