Scott Giannini Creates Stunning Motorcycle Images for Allstate Insurance
Posted on 14th November 2017 by Austin Gould

We recently interviewed Scott Giannini regarding his automotive work for Allstate Insurance. Here's the story behind his project:

Client: Allstate Insurance

Project: 2012 Ad Campaign

Agency: Leo Burnett

Art Direction: Mikal Pittman

Producer: Donna Varichak

Photographer: Tyler Gourley

What were these images used for?

Magazine & OOH print advertising and online advertising

What was your initial approach to these particular automotive images? Was there anything unique in your preparation?

I was given a rough comp from the ad agency to review, next I had a pre-pro call with the ad agency to discuss specific details, color treatment and schedule. My approach is pretty standard on any project, I review any materials I receive from our client, typically comps and reference imagery, I’ll look everything over thoroughly and make my notes/questions I may have for the pre-pro call.

The most critical detail to approaching a new project is to make sure I and members of my team understand the creative’s vision. The few times in my career when I went into a project with half the information or I didn’t ask the appropriate question before starting is when the art wasn’t received well. I have learned to ask what I consider to be critical kick off questions such as; is there a specific color treatment or stylized effect you’re looking for? I’ll ask if the imagery should have a comical and hyper color look? These questions seem to give the creative team immediate confidence in me or with one of my artists who’ll be working with them.

Can you explain your creative process and the technical aspects behind creating these images?

My process is to first prep the file by checking the shot selects the agency has made for resolution, sharpness, etc. this way I don’t get too far along into the process and then realize there’s a problem. Next, I’ll combine all the elements into one file and scale and place all the shots together. The next step is to accurately mask out all elements and fuse it together to become one complete photo that doesn’t look retouched! I’ll usually do all the detailed retouching once the elements are scaled and in place

What was your favorite part about working on this project?

I love working with this particular agency and the subject matter was extremely fun.

If you had one piece of advice for emerging or aspiring creative professionals what would it be?

#1 Listen very closely to your clients or creative managers when they‘re explaining work to you.

#2 Make sure you thoroughly understand the instructions and if you have a question regarding direction – ask to clarify.

#3 Work hard to ensure all details and instructions have been completed.

#4 Most importantly, always look at your work with an objective and critical eye and ask yourself, “does this look as best as it can and what can make it better?”

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