NEW! : : Favorites / Following Page
Posted on 27th February 2017 by Austin Gould

We just updated the "Favorites" and "Following" functions on Dripbook, combining them into one, user friendly web page.

These features will allow enhanced engagement on Dripbook for ad agencies, art buyers, and creative profesionals alike.

If you use Dripbook to hire artists, now you can more easily keep track of your Favorite portfolios on Dripbook, and the artists you are Following. This goes for all users of the Free Client accounts.

These same features apply to the paid subscriptions on Dripbook, allowing creative professionals to keep better track of their networks on Dripbook.

This new page can be found in the main menu of Dripbook where it says "Favorites/Following":

Here's a taste of what these new pages look like:

"Favorites" page (tracks your Favorite portfolios on Dripbook):

"Following" page (tracks the artists you are following):

In addition, you can look under "Recent Portfolios" for recent portfolio updates from artists you are following, and "Following You" to see what Dripbook artists are following you.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

If you'd like to set up an account on Dripbook to see these features in action, simply head here .