Prop Stylist Plays with Flowers to Create Beautiful Campaign
Posted on 19th June 2017 by Austin Gould

The following post was written by Prop Stylist, Katie Moroney. Enjoy!

This body of work was created last July in Studio. The Client was Endless Summer Hydrangeas.

These images were used for billboards, the company's website, an ad campaign, and social media.

To prepare, I went out and bought some hydrangeas to practice with and let myself be inspired. I had been given direction of a few shot ideas and the basic feel that the campaign should follow but there was a lot of room for interpretation and creativity which made this job a lot of fun.

Creating these images was a pretty organic process.  I purchased props beforehand (vases, some fun fruit, books, candles etc.) and then played until the composition was perfect.

This was one of my most favorite jobs to date.  Playing with flowers all day and making art.

If I could give one piece of advice to emerging creative professionals it would be assist, assist, assist.  It's so important to assist someone before you go off on your own.  There are so may tricks of the trade that you really can't learn anywhere else.  Also, do more of what makes you happy and fulfills you--people will see that in your work.

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