Examining Food Styling on a Hardee's Commercial
Posted on 31st July 2018 by Austin Gould

Back in January of this year, food stylist Johanna Lowe had the opportunity to work on the commercial for Hardee's Southern Fried Thickburger. We spoke to her about this project to find out what goes into the production of a Hardee's commercial.

Working with the Hand Models

One thing that stood out to Johanna during this shoot was the interaction she had with the hand models. As a food stylist, Johanna spent a lot of time getting the burger just right, and it was almost difficult for her to hand over her creation when she was finished. "This job did have hand models involved who were manipulating the food that I had spent a lot of time preparing.  It requires a lot of grace and patience to hand your perfect food over to a novice and watch it all fall apart!"

Hardee's Commercial

Getting the Food Styling Just Right

Indeed, the preparation of this food was particularly elaborate, and Johanna even worked with Hardee's own print food stylist to get the burger just right. "I had the pleasure of their print food stylist consulting with me on the particularities of certain things, such as the amount of browning on the meat and toasting on the bun. He was a wonderful support and aided in quick questions and answers."

Working with the Client

Johanna initially received the job through a connection she had, Director Kyle Bainter. They had worked together previously at Whirlpool, and he reached out to her to work on this project.

According to Johanna, Hardee's was a great brand to work with. She told us that, "for a brand with such strong identity, they were quick to communicate and knew exactly what they wanted. Every brand, every job, has its own set of unique requirements, and expectations. It’s my job to interpret this quickly and precisely, figuring out and solving the challenges before they get presented to the client."

Hardee's Commercial

Working with the Crew

On top of all this, Johanna's favorite part of the project was the people she got to work with. "Video shoots are always a tight and supportive crew, this was no exception, and it was just lovely to work the job knowing everyone had your back and you’re all working for the common good. There were lots of laughs had too!"

Hardee's Commercial

It was great speaking to Johanna about this project, and it was cool to get a behind-the-scenes look into one of Hardee's famous fast food commercials.

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