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Artists and Artisans : : What Photographers Can Learn from Master Crafters
Posted on 28th March 2017 by Austin Gould

We spoke with photographer Laura Barisonzi about an ongoing personal project where she documents artisans at their crafts. She was interested in people who saw a project through from start to finish, applying meticulous attention to detail in their wor...
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AaronVan Photo is Making us Thirsty!
Posted on 9th February 2017 by Austin Gould

As an Orlando based freelance designer and food & beverage photographer, Aaron creates rich, detailed images with a focus on branding and quality. Aaron's latest work for Morimoto Asia @ Disney Springs is no exception. This article will leave you w...
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Fashion Stylist Draws Inspiration from Empowering Women
Posted on 27th January 2017 by Austin Gould

As an artist first and foremost, Ope' Majek views fashion styling as another medium to extend her artistry to the canvas of real life. Seeing fashion and art as one, she often draws inspiration from making women look powerful. In the images below, Ope'...