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Sandra Suy Fashion Illustrations.
Posted on 19th October 2008 by Thérèsa

I find Fashion Illustrations extremely interesting and fascinating, possibly because it happens to be one of those things I wish I can do, therefore viewing and admiring them seems to make up for my inability to create amazing illustrations. I also think it's a great way of viewing fashion from a different perspective and also as an art form. One I have recently come across is by Sandra Suy .

Sandra Suy is an illustrator from Spain, if you like what you see and would probably like to own some of her Illustrations, you can contact Sandra here or here as her illustration are now available in frames.


Balenciaga and Pucci

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Chloe and Mcqueen

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Victor and Rolf

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Mcqueen and C omme des Garcons

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From: jr , February 6th, 2009 : 10:24p.m. UTC
when fashion is illustrated with this much love and care, the results are really moving! this sort of drawing absolutely sweeps me off my feet. thanks for turning me on to this artist. great find!