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Neck Lush
Posted on 7th December 2008 by Thérèsa

Its that time of the year when keeping warm is a neccesity, to be quite frank its is bloody freezing down here, I have to wear at least three layers of clothing to reduce my chances of getting frozen to death while out and about.

Part of keeping warm obviously has to include a descent scarf, right?

A scarf that performs the role of keeping you warm is good, then again, a scarf that looks great can do no wrong which leads me to NeckLush.

NeckLush is a fantastic line of scarfs designed for both Men and Women, while keeping you warm, it can also be used in a variety of ways and for different purposes to fit an individuals taste, style or mood, to cut to the chase, it is pretty multifunctional which is great as having a piece that can easily be transformed into something completely different is always a bonus.

I personally think the vibrant colour pallete used for these scarfs are fantastic, it will certainly do a good job of brightening one of those gloomy days.

NeckLush can be purchased at the etsy shop which offers other range of colours

necklush ultra - orange with print

necklush - plush - soft brick

necklush - white with multicolor print

necklush - plush - soft brick