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Midweek Street Style - Florals and sheer goodness.
Posted on 1st May 2008 by Thérèsa

The Midweek street style began last week with the theme : Tailored/ formal/ Boy meets girl looks/ outfits which you can read here , it also explains what The Dripbook Fashion studio - Midweek street style is all about.

The theme for this week's Midweek street styles however are "Floral and Sheer goodness," that is outfits that include anything with florals or sheer pieces. The favourites for this week have varied from Balenciaga inspired outfits to uber girly, feminine, pretty and sweet looks. Here are this weeks favourite looks (from left to right).

Firstly : The lady form "The street walker" which is a street style blog based in Tel Aviv in Isreal. What drew me to this outfit was the skirt, I wasn't quite sure what was printed on it but after zooming in I realised it was picture of a farm with cattles, tress and flowers. Dreamecho , this is one of the many bloggers which I'll happily love to raid her wardrobe, with her uber cool poses, I just love the outfit. The outfit from Stockholm Street style looks very playfull and quirky, and the pink jacket...want want want!!! Fashion Toast works the luella inspired look so well.

Fee from l'atelier d'une fee outfit is very effortless and chic, Stephanie from Fashion Robot 's Balenciaga inspired outfit is a great imitation. The lady from Just glitter lust 's outfit is just so girly but not in a weird way, I never thought pink and silver could go well together.

Brooke from "The fashion void" went all sheer for her outfit with sheer slip over a shirt dress and sheer tights over red tight completed with a leopard print jacket, love it!! Camille from the Childhood flames's outfit is also another lovely example of chic and effortless look.

The other favourite looks for this week' "floral and sheer goodness theme" includes outfits from: Stylescout , Fad Tony and Reykjavi Looks.

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Next week the theme will be "Going Pale and Faded for Denim" with the recent revival of pale or faded and even tarted denim thanks to designers such as Alexander Wang, Christopher Kane and even Chanel spring summer 08, this theme seems appropriate.

PS : If you have any suggestions about other themes for the "Midweek Street style" dont hesitate to let me know either by leaving a comment here or on my dripbook page or even by emailing me at - talk2theresa@hotmail.co.uk .

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If you've also come across any street style looks you like or that you think will fit into any future themes just send me a message.

I look forward to seeing your denim inspired outfits /looks.






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