Dripbook Sites - our most bad ass feature.
Posted on 17th March 2008 by Alex Wright

Check out Dripbook Sites . This is our newest, biggest, and most bad-ass feature.

Dripbook Sites allows you to export your public books on Dripbook as a fully customized, professionally designed personal Web site. Dripbook Sites is an add-on feature to the regular features of Dripbook. You can host your Dripbook Site anywhere you want. You customize it, we power it.

The idea behind Dripbook Sites is simple - your public artwork on Dripbook powers a personal Web site. Your Splash page(s), your public books, your book names, the order of your books and genres, all the images, the order of your images - it all shows up just the same, but in a customized personal Web site.

Tired of reading? Wanna see what we're talking about?

Sergio Kurhajec , Photography - using the Thumbnails Scroller template.

Alex Wright , Photography - using the Thumbnails Grid template.

Helene Loussier , Painting - using the Thumbnails Scroller template.

Alain Derderian , Graphic Design and Photography, using the Slider template.

Xim Izquierdo , Graphic Design and Photography, using the Slider template.

Hannah Marshall , Makeup - using the Slider template.

Jacob Snavely , Photography - using the Slider template.

Combustive Motor Corporation , Multimedia - using the Thumbnail Scroller template.

Charlotte Taylor , Hair Styling - using the Thumbnail Scroller template.

Cynthia Rose , Make Up - using the Slider template.

Adam Von Mack , Photography - using the Thumbnail Scroller template.

Charles Olsen , Painting and Photography, using the Thumbnails Grid template.

You can change the customization settings for your Dripbook Site as often as you like. And every time you update your work on Dripbook, your Dripbook Site will change to reflect those updates. So, to update your Dripbook Site, just update Dripbook like you already do now.

And - maybe the best part - for a limited time, we are waiving the set-up fee associated with Dripbook Sites. So, all you need now is a Premium account on Dripbook, and there is (for a limited time) no set-up fee. So, get working...

Have questions about Dripbook Sites? Head to the FAQs - we have answers.

And while you're checking out Dripbook Sites, check out the other ways you can export your work out of Dripbook. People are loving the widgets to put on their blogs, MySpace, and more. And there are components and feeds , too.


From: Cynthia Rose , March 18th, 2008 : 09:45p.m. UTC
It was SO EASY to make my site using this feature. And the best part is I updated it about 15 times after I launched it and I didn't have to pay my web guy...I did it myself. It's so liberating. I am in love with dripbook! Thanks guys! Seriously.
From: avm , April 9th, 2008 : 04:37p.m. UTC
That is one of the best feature I've ever see on the internet. (bow) :) I even chenged my (personally) designed site for a Dripbook powered one. so that proves all. Thanks. -Adam von Mack Photographer http://www.adamvonmack.com
From: Hannah Marshall , April 11th, 2008 : 11:01p.m. UTC
Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I just exported my website with you guys and it was not only pretty easy but it looks cool too!! Thanks so much, doing my website was becoming just another one of those things in the 'too-hard' basket until Dripbook came along. Hannah http://www.hmakeup.com
From: helene loussier , April 16th, 2008 : 01:09p.m. UTC
This morning, in no time, I designed my website and I find it amazing ! SO PRACTICAL and[.bleep.]LOOKING ! Thank you ! You are the new benefactor of the visual race ! Thank the team for me as well. I have it on line at http://www.loussier.net